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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shake Shake Shake

Shake your booty!  I ran out of french vanilla shake and I am now craving it.  I also ran out of chocolate shakes.  I am hoping the cravings don't overwhelm me, but so far I have been able to control those cravings.  The shakes I had were from Medifast, but I sure could go for a real vanilla milk shake.  NO, STOP, don't go there.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  OK, that's over.  Whew!
Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I spent the majority of the morning and part of the afternoon working outside, so that kept m mind off of food and fat.  I think if I can just occupy my mind with things other than food and junk, I can get through this easier.
Until I can do an order, I need to immerse myself in work and stay busy.

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  1. yep that's what you do. Stay busy and don't focus on food. Thank you for your comments on my blog by the way. You sound like a sweet guy. Go get er' done John!