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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's not so bad. But it still sucks!

I had a hard cast put on more than a week ago.  It feels much better and it is healing nicely.  The doctor is pleased with how well and quickly the bone is healing.  I won't need surgery on it either.  He said the break was not all the way through the bone.
The worse part of all this is that I cannot do anything.  I cannot put any weight on the leg and I have to get around on crutches.  I need someone to get me things and carry things for me.  I am completely at the mercy of those around me and I hate it.  I cannot drive or go too far from home alone because it is sooooo much work to just walk with crutches and not be able to use both legs.  Anyway, only a few more weeks and the doctor said he will put me in a soft cast so I can walk.  We'll see.
Now for the exciting news.  Since I cannot get around easily and cannot carry things while using the crutches, and have to depend on people to bring me things, I have lost 21 lbs. since June.  So I figure if I keep going I should be down about 60 lbs. by the time the cast comes off.  One could only hope.


  1. Cute photo:-) My mom feels your pain John.

  2. Oh what a tough time you're having. I hope that your ankle heals enough soon that you are able to walk on it. Great job losing 21 pounds. :)

  3. Thanks Laura. Makes me think I should break the other ankle when I am done with this one and I iwll lose another 20 lbs. :p
    Kayla, I know that more than anyone, your Mom understands.