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Thursday, May 27, 2010


It has been a few days since posting.  It has been a nut house the few days and I have not had time for anything.  I have lost a few more pounds and am still on plan.  This weekend will be another test for sure.  Holidays are always the worse for food.


  1. So glad you stopped by the say HI. I miss hearing from you and I NEED to know you are OK.smile.

  2. You're doing great! I decided to get control of the holiday situation; we're having a bbq at our house, so that means I can make/provide healthy foods that I know the nutritionals on and how much a serving is. I think it should go well that way!

    What if you brought a couple of dishes of your own, that you know how much you can eat?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Get yourself in the "zone" for the weekend John! Dont even give temptation a chance! Put yourself in success mode right now!!! I know you can do this. So glad you lost a few more lbs! You deserve it! What is your total down now? Not trying to be nosey just trying to be supportive and keep tabs on my fellow blogger friend :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog today. It was JUST what I needed to hear. I am sure you know how I stressed about making that decision to "experiment". I can just see all the Medifasters frowning at my decision!!!Medifast is such a structured plan and I honestly wish I didnt have to "tamper" with it to make it work for me. But I did, and it worked. The end, right? Take care John, and have a great weekend!