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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Belt Has Been Blessed By The Pope

I recently discovered that the belt I have been using was blessed by the Pope.  I was so excited to see how holy is was.  Along with the original holes, it now has 5 more holes in it to accommodate the weight lose.  This is an exciting thing.  And to share some information that will probably fall under TMI, I desperately need to wear the belt because my pants keep falling down and I can even take them off without unbuttoning them.
Is that exciting or what? 


  1. That is really awesome! I was able to shimmy out of my first pair of pants about a month ago and that is such an awesome feeling!

  2. Nope not TMI at all. I am so excited for your new holes. All my pants are that way now even to new ones that I bought 2 months ago. Its like wearing sweat pants with elastic as a waistband (easy on and easy off!) CONGRATS!!!!!

  3. I am missing hearing from you are you hanging in there?