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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Painting Saga

Oh My!  Did I ever get myself into a bucket of paint here.  I took on the task and looking back, I wish I had not.  I have gotten about halfway done and need to be finished by tomorrow night.  Kathy said she is OK with it not being completely done and understands, but I promised it would be done this weekend.  I just have no where to go with all the furniture and tables and pictures.  Things are in the way and it makes it more difficult to work around it all.  I know, I know!  I am making excuses.


  1. Good luck John. I know you will get it done. And way to go Kathy for being understanding:)

  2. Thanks Lesia.....It's 11pm here and I finally had enough and stopped. Tomorrow will be a busy day for sure finishing.

  3. YOu can get it done! Put on some good tunes and go for it. It is always better with good tunes :) I too am taking on the task of painting the living room and dining room. And I have been putting it off because I am dreading doing the ceiling (it needs it desperately or I wouldnt even consider) and the baseboards. Well, that and I have to do it when my little ones are either sleeping or at Nana's house. But everyday I find myself a little closer to being motivated to do it and now after reading your post I am actually going to set a date and DO IT.