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Monday, May 3, 2010

Something Smells Fishy

I decided I was going to introduce fish into my diet.  I have had many fish dishes but never really made it myself.  I cooked some fish fillets on Saturday and they turned out ok.  But I know there is more I can do with them.  I also had some shrimp in my salad tonight for dinner.   Needless to say, it was good.
I see a lot more fish in the future in my salads and on the plate.  Please share some easy recipes for fish.  But keep in mind I have to watch the salt intake and fat intake as well.  So anything with low, low fat and low or no sodium is ok.

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  1. I love to broil talapia with lemon juice and dried dill. YUM! Be sure to watch the cholesterol in shrimp.