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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Up, Up, Up and Back Down

I didn't write yesterday because I knew I had gained a few pounds last week.  But I decided that I need to write about it.  I need to write about all the successes and the failures as well.  Now, I really don't think it is a failure, but more like a set back.  I have no excuses except that I did not have my food and It was a bit difficult to stay on track.
So, I gained 3 pounds.  But, food will be here today and I will drop that 3 in no time and be back where I need to be.


  1. That's the spirit! You go getter done now Johnny boy!

  2. Hi John. How long were you off plan? In my opinion 3 lbs is not bad at all. Your head and heart are in the right place and that makes all the difference in the world. My food came today too! My husband said as my girls and I were tearing into the box "Geez, its like Christmas!". And he was right. I bet you have the same excitement today when your food comes!
    So good for you getting on track and being so excited to make this happen for you. I cant wait to see how quick you start losing again!


  3. You two are awesome. I know I will be ok. Looking forward to going home and eating what I should be. But, I could have been a little more careful about the food I had. But, that's done and over and time to move on.
    My health coach had a few words for me, but she is the best!