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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

........in the beginning, it all began

Everyone needs somewhere to start. This is my "somewhere". Starting again is difficult. But starting again means another chance to get healthy and be happy. Yesterday (4/20/10) was day one of a journey to being the healthiest I can be. Although it is not my first attempt at this with many programs on my weight loss resume', it is time to stop fooling myself and start being honest about what is wrong. I eat for no reason, I eat to make myself full, I make excuses, and I knew better but didn't care.  There were times I had eaten till I was physically ill. Doesn't make sense. No more excuses and no more lies. Time to do what I have to and stop being someone I am not.
We all have issues with health. Whether it be weight, diabetes, heart problems, or things we could not imagine, there is one way to at least head down that road to optimal health. Take Shape For Life is one program that is fool proof and is the easiest program I have been on. Yes, I have been on it before and failed. But failure was not because the program didn't work, it was because I didn't work.  I gave up three (3) times when I started it.  You would have thought those involved would have given up on me as well.  But that was not happeneing.  My health coach had stood by me and supported me and never gave up.  She was always in touch and never once made me feel guilty or bad about failing the first three times.  In fact, when we would talk, it was about us and family and friends and not about the health issue.  It was brought up only when I brought it up.  Thank you Jane! Of course, I cannot do this without saying that there is one person who never gave up or even made my weight an issue and that is my lovely and beautiful wife.  Without exception, she is the most understanding and patient person there is.
Over the last 20+ years I have gone from being 190lbs to my heaviest weight of 372 lbs in 2009. No one knows better than I the problems with being over weight and unhealthy. I am always tired, run down, irritated, struggling to do daily tasks, afraid to go places, unable to do what others can do, not knowing when my weight would cause an issue that would humiliate me beyond anything I can think, and generally feel like crap all the time. I hate going out to eat because I have to ask for a table and not a booth. I cannot fit in a booth any longer and if that isn't enough to embarrass you, well, I don't know.
Regardless of the issues I have, it is time to get going and get healthy. It is a long road, but a road I must take nonetheless.

Please follow me on this journey of getting healthy and being happy.  It's a journey my life depends on!

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  1. Hi! I am Jessica. I just found your blog, so I decided to take your advise and start at the beginning. Looking forward to reading about your journey.