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Monday, May 31, 2010

Disco Fever

So I was painting this morning (yes, I am still working on painting.  I'll explain later).  I had my ipod going and suddenly the Bee Gees, Bread, and Doobie Brothers started playing.  Before I knew it, I was creating a new play list and let it play while painting.
What does this have to do with my weight loss?  Well, back in the 70's my whole life revolved around disco and the emerging grunge and new rock era.  I spend allot of times at parties dancing and partying.  Not the kind of partying they do now, but a mild version of partying.  Anyway, the dancing and all was what kept me thin.  And as I painted and reminisced about the past and contemplated the future, I realized that as I go forward and lose the awful weight I have, that I will be able to do the John Travolta moves and even maybe look good doing it. 
Now, I am sure one of the first questions asked will be if I was dancing around painting.  We won't go there, and besides I don't need the International Seismographic Institute freaking out and looking for any earthquake activity along the Eastern Seaboard.  And it certainly wouldn't be a pretty picture.
Here's to the age of innocence and when we had good music!


  1. I think you should "Rock the beer gut" and dance away. I do my favorite song is Rocking the beer gut song by the Trailer Choir. google it and I promise you will love it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEXTO3Kcjmc

  2. Rock on with your bad self John! Hope you had a great weekend.