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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time For Changes

I can already see that it is drawing near that I will have to begin making changes.  Changes with my clothes and future.  I still won't buy new clothes.  Last time I did that, it jinxed me and I gained all my weight back.  I am waiting a little longer before going there.  So, I still look pretty bad with the baggy clothes and I look like a street bum sometimes, but I think it's pretty cool, cuz it shows what people really look at when they see someone.  You know, the book cover thing.
I am also now starting to work out more.  I am able to do more without the back ache.  But with the surgery coming next week it will have to be put on hold for a bit.
School starts again for me in a few weeks.  this means studying and school and less free time to do other things.  I have only one class this summer, but the summer is a busy time for me and even one class screws it up.  the fall semester will be worse.  I am going to to to school full time at night and still work full time during the day.  Call me crazy, but it's what I want and know I can do.
There have also been some changes but those will be shared with those that matter.  so if you matter, then you will know.  But if you really don't matter then what does it matter really.  If it matters to anyone then what matters is that it doesn't really matter at all.


  1. School wow...I am impressed. What are you studying? I had a facebook friend invite from a John and I denied it cause I didn't recognize the name. I hope it wasn't you. I didn't see a personal message like your blog buddy so if it was you send it again.smile.

  2. I am studying Psychology. At the rate I am going I should have my masters in 6 yrs.
    Yes, it was me who sent the friend request. : )

  3. So now that we are facebook friends you need to sent you settings to allowing people to write on your wall. I can't access your wall:(

  4. Hi John! So happy to hear that you are feeling like you are making changes and on the right track! That is awesome!!! I knew you would come through for yourself!
    And that is great that you are going to school. I have my psychology degree but never went on for my masters. I still may some day. But right now it is important to me to stay home with my girls and raise them :)
    Also, loved the "changes" paragraph...even though it left me confused...hehe.

  5. John you're doing great! That's awesome that you feel like you almost need to get new clothes! After 35 pounds, I still haven't seen a different size, but I know it'll happen. Can't wait.

    Have a great weekend!